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Eyeglass store in Boca Raton

Comprehensive Eye Exam in Boca Raton Florida

Our optometry practice in Boca Raton, Florida offers a comprehensive and complete eye exam that allows us to precisely create the perfect pair of glasses. To begin the process of fitting your new pair of corrective or contact lenses, please call 561-995-9600 or visit our practice at 3011 Yamato Road in Boca Raton, Florida.

Eyeglass store in Boca Raton

My Eye Exam Experience

I was always afraid to getting an eye exam because of a bad experience when I was younger. The eye doctor poured a chemical solution in my eyes and I had a horrible adverse reaction. When I visited Eye Doc of Boca, they did not follow this procedure and I was ecstatic. They used a special computerized retinal camera to look inside of my eyes to conduct the test. It was fast, efficient, and most importantly, absolutely painless! I was fitted with a new pair of beautiful frames and glasses shortly thereafter. I enjoyed my experience at this optometry practice and recommend it to anyone that is serious about their eye health. I can now drive safely and see from a distance without any blur in my vision. They have convenient Saturday hours so that I did not have to skip work to conduct the test. If you are in the area of Boca Raton, Florida, and require a comprehensive eye exam, please call the Eye Doc of Boca office to speak with an optometrist for more information on how to get started today! Do not hesitate any longer, an eye exam is an important first step in caring for your vision and keeping your eyesight sharp at every angle.

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Eye Doctor Optician Optometrist In Delray Beach Florida

Are you looking for a professional eye doctor, optician, or optometrist in the Delray Beach, Florida area? Look no further for all of your vision needs. Please call 561-995-9600 to speak with the most qualified specialists in South Florida that are offering premier eye care services.

eyewear store in boca raton

An Eye Doctor For You

Your search for an optician and optometrist in the Delray Beach area is over. Our eye doctor practice has been in business for over thirty years and we are the leading experts in the field of vision and eye care. Whether you require an eye exam or a new pair of frames, we have you covered from beginning to end. We welcome you to visit our boutique store and check out the hottest frames in the industry from the leading designer brands. We are confident that you will never have to look for another optometrist again. We value outstanding customer service and strive to make your experience unique and rewarding. We are the eye doctor you have always been looking for. Healthy vision is extremely important and we have dedicated our lives to help improve the vision of our clientele in Delray Beach and all of the surrounding areas. No appointments are necessary to visit our premier optometry practice in Boca Raton, Florida. We are conveniently located on the NW corner of Jog Road and Yamato Road in the A-17 suite of the Regency Court Woodfield plaza. Our leading eye doctor specialists await your arrival.

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